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Allied Electric LLC has years of demonstrated experience providing electrical services. We can provide a broad spectrum of electrical installation whether it’s underground or in confined spaces, we have the ability to conform as necessary. Our electrical services include:

High voltage, Medium voltage, Communications, Switchgear, Lighting, Transformers, Airfield Lighting, Power and Controls installation.

Fire and Life Safety Systems

Allied Electric LLC has contracted to provide fire alarm system replacement and repair services. We are able to provide all installation, removal, testing, battery installation, and a preventative maintenance plan to meet our clients’ needs.

Maintenance, Repair, Emergency services

Allied Electric LLC understands there are times when service disruption occurs and improvements need to made. We have the capability to provide on-going maintenance, repair, and emergency services to meet your facility needs. We are able to provide a 24-hour response time and 4 hour emergency response time.

Design-Build Projects

Allied Electric LLC has experienced Project Team members to perform electrical feasibility assessments, utilize computer aided design, access to innovative and sustainable products to assist streamlining the project delivery process. Our team works closely with our partners during each phase of the project to ensure the clients’ business, industry, goals, vision, and financial expectations are met.